7th Lake 8th Lake Campground overlook Lean-to

Adirondack Park

43.756416 -74.717766

7th Lake 8th Lake Campground overlook Lean-to

is located in the Adirondack Park and offers a great primitive camping expereince for those looking for a free remote campsite. View more details and accessibility info about this campsite below

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  1. Erick
    Erick ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    Here is another 7th Lake Lean-to. This Campsite is located on the far North side of 7th Lake, near the 8th Lake Campground. Accessible by boat only, this 7th Lake Lean-to is a great spot to paddle to with a small docking area and sand beach. To get to this Lean-to you can launch at the 7th Lake Boat Launch and head right toward the sandbar, keep right and head toward the far Northern side of 7th Lake the Lean-to will be on your left. This Lean-to is pretty run down and could use a new roof, it overlooks the lake and features a great view of Cathedral Pines looking North East. Fishing is great right off the little boat dock, expect to catch Large Mouth Bass and Sunfish.

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