Moss Lake Campsite Three

Adirondack Park


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  1. Erick
    Erick ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    There are numerous campsites off the trail that surrounds Moss Lake this is one of them. Moss Lake Campsite Three is an easy hike right off Big Moose Road. There is parking at the trailhead and Campsite Three is about .25 miles heading west down the trail. This campsite is a stones throw from the lake and features a large open area with picnic table and a pit toilet. Biking to this campsite off the Moss Lake Trail is easy, as the trail is well maintained and wide enough to move over for fellow hikers. Moss Lake is frequented quite a lot so anticipate sharing the area. The lake has a nice sand beach surrounding the shore and is perfect for kids. Bring the canoe or kayak and visit the island in the center. This campsite is highly recommended for those with small children. Old Forge is just a 5-minute drive from Moss Lake, which makes a perfect vacation spot for shopping and getting outdoors.

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