Primitive Camping can be defined as camping in destinations away from man-made facilities and often in remote parts of an area.

While primitive Camping, you may find a privy, port-a-john, or even a Lean-to around, but usually it’s just you and nature.

Primitive camping locations can be accessed by foot, boat, or car. Many of the sites you will find on bivvy are accessible by car. Vehicle accessible camping sites can be great for families with small children or beginner campers.



Primitive camping is fun and by no means do you need to be an ex-boy scout or skilled outdoorsman to enjoy what the backcountry has to offer.

This type of camping does require some basic things to ensure your stay in the woods is safe and enjoyable. When venturing out to the back-country always prepare for a longer trip than you plan to stay, encase an emergency arises.

REI has a great list of recommended items listed here.


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